Jackalynx Guideline

​Since Jackalynxes are a mixture of Jackalopes and Lynxes here are some simple guidelines in helping you create your own! 

Adoptable Prices
** This will be updated as I continue to plan and post about the Species to be sure to refer back to this if it’s been awhile! **


– Have fun! Go crazy with colors, antler rack styles and clothing/accessories.

– Stick to your Lynx’s natural fur pattern as best you can. You can mix it up with markings but you should be able to tell what Lynx you picked based on features, pattern and/or size.

ALL Jackalynx characters MUST have double canines on both top and bottom rows. This is NOT optional! 

– Make it more Jackalope than Lynx if you’d like. Give them big, giant ears that resemble a Jack Rabbit like Avery’s.

– Or do the opposite! Make them more Lynx. Whatever is clever.

– Message me on WordPress, Furry Amino or FurAffinity if you have questions.


– Make an Iberian Jackalynx WITHOUT permission or Adopting one from ME. I am the *ONLY* creator of Iberian Jackalynx, do not accept/pay for frauds. If you’re unsure or spot one, message/tag me. Do not attack the person, it’s rude and you may turn yourself into a jackass for no reason.

There is only one official Iberian Jackalynx and that belongs to IceyLioness on FA. 

– Mix Jackalynx subspecies or other animals. IE: Do not mix a Bobcat and Eurasian Jackalynx. They’re hybrid enough, lol.

– Adoptables for $$$ from the same base. Freebies are welcome! Just do not profit from “same base, different colors”. Unique OCs you can do as you wish with them, just not the mass base produced ones.

– Give it gutter/crust punk clothing or features like Avery without checking with me first. I’ve lived the life of a train jumper so she is, as a whole, very personal to me.

– Forget to credit me for the Jackalynx species if you create one. You can link either my WordPress, Furry Amino or FurAffinity account. Link them all for all I care haha, just give credit where credit is due.