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Quick Characteristics Guide

Hehe sorry for the screencaps for now but here’s some quick characteristic guidelines for the four main subspecies of Jackalynx. These are not really set in stone, just true to the species of Lynx which they’re based off of so that’s why it’s a ‘guideline’.

Please do remember that Iberian Jackalynxes are ADOPT ONLY. They are not open to create, if you see one that is not official please say something. Feel free to create a Bobcat, Eurasian or Canada Jackalynx! Your lovely Averis Andy is a Bobcat Jackalynx herself, so it is not favoritism. They are just endangered in real life so I decided that they to will be rare. 


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Little note, right here.

I’m not really sure who all has read this, following or is just interested in this but if you happen to draw a Jackalynx, even though they are closed now, please send me a Note on FurAffinity BEFORE  you post it anywhere online. Out of respect for me, and the Species in creation. 

I’ll more than likely post it on here when things are going, just please be patient! 
Thank you!

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Jackalynx the Species

​!! STILL WIP !!

“What is a Jackalynx?”

Basically your wanderlust kings and queens, with the exception of Iberian Jackalynxes with stick to their common areas from their threatened status, the Bobcat Jackalynxes are the ones that usually leave their grassland, coastal land if born in the same community as an Iberian Jackalynx. Though, that isn’t to say there aren’t a few that do venture off. They’re the odd hybrid of a Jackalope and a specific Lynx as you’ll soon learn.
General Personalities:

Many are crass, crude and with a big pinch of sarcasm/dry humour. Though once you get to know them they are kind, can be bubbly and aloof and loyal to a fault. Of course, each breed if Jackalynxes has their own unique personality from where they came from 😉

Coastal Villages – Iberian and Bobcat Jackalynxes:

Residents of the communities along side the coast are very relaxed in their ways, yet quite disciplined. Though at one point the Iberian Jackalynxes became the subject of a slaughter and their numbers severely dwindled. Fortunately yet their numbers are once again on the rise. Bobcat Jackalynxes, though normally living along the neighbouring Woodland area with the Canada Jackalynx and having a knack for adventure occasionally wind up along the Coast and make residence. Thus, making Bobcat Jackalynxes not such an unusual sight, nor are hybrids of these two. They’re a bit of your average hippies.
The Train Hoppers: Bobcat Jackalynxes.

These guys and gals are of another breed, chill and relax and quite the trouble makers. They’re your typical little keylatch kids. Often leaving their homeland

***  Please note that Avery is the *ONLY* gutter/crust punk allowed. Others will have to be vetted by me personally as I have lived the life a train hopping gutter/crust homeless punk so I’m am quite picky about them. Sorry. So if you see any that resemble Avery’s style please inform me. Do not attack the person.  ***

The WanderlustersBobcat and Canada Jackalynxes.

The gypsy/Bohemian wanderlust Jackalynxes. Always on the move, playful and very social. Their clothing is distinct in that it is long ruffled lace skirts, layered jewelry with charms and so much more that the mind can imagine of the true explorers and nomads.
The Snow Bunnies: Eurasian Jackalynxes.

Just as it sounds pure typical frolicking in the snow lovers. They’re a blast to be around, typical party animals. Enjoy hiking and the outdoors and blah blah blah. 

Honestly, how you make your own Jackalynx is totally up to you! I thought it might be a little fun to have subspecies  of Jackalynxes like there are Lynxes. 

Does this mean you have to stick to what I write word for word? Of course not! You want a Eurasian Jackalynx that acts like a Bobcat Jackalynx then go for it! It’s your OC, make it how you want. That’s why they’re an Open Species.

The only Adoptable Jackalynxes will be the Iberian. Those are a closed Jackalynx available only as an Adopt by me, Gally.